About Andrew and his photography



Andrew Lockwood is an American landscape photographer who has been photographing America's beautiful landscape for the past eight years. He received a Bachelors of Fine Art Photography from the Columbus College of Art and Design where he learned to implement both traditional and modern photographic techniques. Andrew currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah which he uses as a base of operations to explore the diverse landscapes of the Western United States. His images of pristine landscapes hope to instill a sense of respect and pride for the natural world around us. With his photographs he seeks to provoke the adventurous spirit and promote responsible stewardship of the wild lands that surround us.

Andrew’s images have been published by Utah Life Magazine, LPM, VisitNC, and Utah's Department of Natural Resources just to name a few. His image “Frosted Morning” was selected for the Red Butte Gardens exhibit “ Lovely As A Tree”. Another of his images was selected by the outdoor brand Hippy Tree as the week 6 winner of the 52 Weeks Of Nature Photo Contest. It was displayed at the Shockboxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach, California along with the other 52 contestants and was used in their annual calendar for 2019. He currently has images donated to the Foundation For PhotoArt, whose goal is to put beautiful photographs into hospitals around the world to promote a healing environment, as well as to FRIENDS of Great Salt Lake, whose mission is to preserve and educate people about the importance of the Great Salt Lake.


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