Wildflowers, Sunsets, and Mountains.. What more could you ask for?


Wow! Thats about all I can say when it comes to the wildflowers of Utah. Anna and I moved to Utah three weeks ago, right about the peak viewing season for wildflowers in the mountains. With loads of things to do around our new place, it was difficult finding the time to get out and photograph the wildflowers. We made a point however, to get up into the mountains and photograph as much as we could of the magnificent blooms. 

Our first excursion into the mountains quickly made us realize we were accustomed to the lower elevations of North Carolina and every step was a bit of a challenge. Regardless, we summited our first peak together and hiked a total of 7.5 miles all in search of a composition. We had a good laugh when, upon returning to our vehicle, I found a composition only 100 yards away.  I sat the camera up and made minor adjustments to the composition as we waited for sunset.

Painting The Picture  © Andrew Lockwood 2018

Painting The Picture

© Andrew Lockwood 2018

As I was watching the sunlight from the setting sun move across the mountainside in the background, I realized that the morning light would actually create a better image as it washed over the cliffside. So after wearily returning home, I made the decision to head back for sunrise. 

4:00 AM: The alarm rings and the last thing I want to do is wake up. 

We had been going hard for the last week. Getting settled into our new home and the previous days’ hike had taken its toll. Regardless, I know from experience that when you really don't feel like going and making photographs, you probably should. For some reason the higher powers like to test you and provide the best light on those days. So... I rolled out of bed, got dressed, and drove back up the mountain. I had seen another composition I wanted to try along with going back to the same place as the night before and determined to head there first. As the morning kicked off I sat in a field being eaten alive by mosquitos hoping I had made the right decision. It was overcast and raining on parts of the mountain and I hoped it would clear a little in time for sunrise.

Cloudy Morning Meadow  © Andrew Lockwood 2018

Cloudy Morning Meadow

© Andrew Lockwood 2018

Thankfully the higher powers gave in and allowed some light to leak through as the morning continued on and I was able to snag this image.

Storm Light In Albion  © Andrew Lockwood 2018

Storm Light In Albion

© Andrew Lockwood 2018

A wise man once told me to never get tunnel vision and always look behind you while photographing nature, because while you are attempting against hope to create an amazing image in front of you, behind you is popping off with color. Such was the case today and thankfully I had been monitoring the scene behind me as it evolved. After I took the above image I turned around and hiked about 100 feet to a second spot I had decided on while waiting for the light and managed to capture what I think is the strongest image I took on this outing.

Albion's Glory  © Andrew Lockwood 2018

Albion's Glory

© Andrew Lockwood 2018

After getting the shot, I made my way to the previous nights’ location which was about a quarter of a mile away, to capture one final image. My previous nights’ assumption was correct and the light cast nicely on the rock face beyond the field of flowers. I set up a similar composition and took my photograph.

Picture Painted  © Andrew Lockwood 2018

Picture Painted

© Andrew Lockwood 2018

Sometimes you get lucky and are rewarded with multiple strong photographs, and other days, you get nothing. Thankfully, I got a few good ones that morning of the Albion Basin wildflowers. I returned home more tired than I was when I woke up, but couldn't resist finalizing the images before I took a nap. As I edited away, I knew I had to get back outside and photograph more. And so, two days after, I found myself en route back to the mountains.

I was headed to the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest and the hunt was on!

You'll have to wait until my next post however, to find out how that trip went.