RISE, LIKE THE TIDE: Minimalist images that speak volumes.

If I told you that this photo was created in the Zion Narrows, would you believe me?

Velvet Earth  © Andrew Lockwood 2018

Velvet Earth

© Andrew Lockwood 2018

Odds are you’d point me in the direction of the nearest loony bin, but the Zion Narrows is exactly where this was photographed. While countless photographers flock to the Narrows each year to capture the towering canyon walls and incredible color that abounds here, I found myself drawn to the ebony colored pools of water that were left trapped on high ground after the heavy rains.

In a world where every image looks like a thousand others, it is hard to get people to notice mine, and so it is up to myself as the photographer to tell a different tale with my images. Perhaps that is why I was so focused on the ground. Velvet Earth is the turning point in my photography as artist, and not as landscape photographer; the point where I look inward and seek to harness the environment to match my creativity and feelings within. When I clicked the shutter to create this image I grew as an artist.

Enter Oblivion  © Andrew Lockwood 2018

Enter Oblivion

© Andrew Lockwood 2018

Dust To Dust  © Andrew Lockwood 2017

Dust To Dust

© Andrew Lockwood 2017

Other images in this series are “Enter Oblivion” which was photographed on the Atlantic Coast earlier this year, and “Dust To Dust”, which was taken at Great Sand Dunes National Park last October.